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Weekly Book Deals – 6th April, 2020

Are you looking for a new book to read? Perhaps you’re wanting to fill your bookshelves, or else get some inspiration for your writing. Either way, you should check out this week’s book deals from Literary Edits. Each week, we recommend a selection of different eBooks based on monthly and weekly book deals. These are either books which we have read (and loved) or books which we think our readers will love! Enjoy the deals!

#1 – The Fever King by Victoria Lee

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction.

Sixteen-year-old Noam has spent his life fighting for the rights of refugees. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, the sole survivor of a magical attack that killed his family and made him a technopath, he senses a way to finally make a change.

Read it now for only £1.00
(FREE with Amazon Prime)

#2 – Huntress Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery, Crime.

FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is closing in on a major criminal organisation when he witnesses the murder of one of his team members. It puts him on the trail of a mysterious young woman who appears to have been present at a string of “accidents” and murders. 

Read it now for only £1.00
(FREE with Kindle Unlimited)

#3 – Perfect Kill by Helen Fields

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

When Bart Campbell wakes, drugged and kidnapped, inside a shipping container far from his Edinburgh home, he knows his chances of being found alive are slim. He doesn’t know it, but he is heading to France as part of an unspeakable people-trafficking movement.

Read it now for only £0.99

#4 – The Poison Garden by A. J. Banner

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

Elise Watters seems to have it alla blissful marriage, a gorgeous Victorian home, and a dream jobbut, on the eve of her wedding anniversary, Elise makes a shocking discovery that turns her life upside down. Yet is it real? Or is paranoia getting the best of her?

Read it now for only £1.00
(FREE with Amazon Prime)

#5 – Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance.

Life moves at a leisurely pace in the town of Wall, where Tristran Thorn has lost his heart to the beautiful Victoria Forester. For the coveted prize of her hand, he vows to retrieve a fallen star, an oath which sends him over an ancient barrier and into a strange, dangerous world.

Read it now for only £0.99

Thank you for reading! These books are based on the prices stated during the writing of this post. Deals change quickly, though, so make sure you take advantage of them soon!

(Please note, we use affiliate links on this site. This means we may make a small profit when you follow the links on this page. It will not affect your purchase in any way.)

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