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It is always a pleasure to recieve feedback from our clients. Below, you can find a summary of all our testimonials and reviews, along with some of the recent comments we have recieved.

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"CAN't Sing my Praises LOUD ENOUGH."

“I used Literary Edits for my first published short story single and can’t sing my praises loud enough. Emily was not only fast on turn-around time, but she was also able to catch details that others had previously missed. I especially liked her ideas on story development.”



With Literary Edits overseeing KPR’s social media platforms, we have seen a rapid growth in company interest and have received very positive feedback from existing and prospective clients. We regard Emily as an active member of our team, participating in some of our meetings and taking a genuine interest in our company. KPR’s social media can be left in Emily’s capable hands with no concerns, as she is always on the ball and gives us regular analytical updates. We very much enjoy working alongside Literary Edits, who come highly recommended for your business.”

KPR (Social Media Marketing)


“Emily has been of fantastic help with my books, providing big-picture points. She has been a source of regular support and encouragement to me as I’ve been revising some of my older novels. She’s inspired me greatly, with her constructive points, keeping an eye on plausibility, character consistency, pacing, and structure. She has shown insights with genre. Emily is flexible with her skills, whatever brief I give her. I respect Emily’s opinion on all things fiction and editing, and I’m extremely confident that the help and support she’s given will improve my stories significantly – at least over 100% if I had to put a figure on it!”

– Alex James (Manuscript Appraisal)


“I used Emily’s proofreading services at Literary Edits when editing one of my final year undergraduate English essays. Her feedback was invaluable and exhibited an acute eye for detail and conscientiousness; she was incredibly professional at all stages of the process, prompt and meticulous. The edits themselves were constructive and detailed- both interrogating sentence structure and grammar, as well as the overall cohesion of my essay argument- and were immensely helpful. Her provision as well of a clean document where she implemented the suggestions made for wording was above and beyond what I was expecting.”

- Emma Wallace (Copyediting)


“I enjoyed working with Literary Edits. The comments were professional, apt, and timely. I was impressed with how detailed and thoughtful the edits were. 10/10.”

Aki Grisham (Copyediting)


“Emily of Literary Edits was a pleasure to work with. She was clear, reliable, and professional in her approach and I would have no hesitation working with her again. Her knowledge was invaluable, guiding my existing story to appeal more to readers by making new decisions and considerations on early chapters that had slow pace and inconsistent point of view.

There was so much Emily has helped with that I suspect she will have made a drastic difference to the quality of the story, and hopefully to my reviews when the time comes. I was highly satisfied with Emily’s write-up, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Emily’s comments were heartening and insightful at a time when I’d been stuck, and I’m now excited to work on my story again.”

Alex James (Manuscript Review)


“Literary Edits looks after Glentworth Lettings’ social media pages and we are grateful to have Emily on board. She adds another dynamic to our team and has always been such a pleasure to work with. Our social media always looks very professional, her responses are swift, and we are always kept fully updated. We would certainly recommend Literary Edits.”

Glentworth Lettings (Social Media Marketing)


“Literary Edits have been covering all our social media for the past 6 months and we are really happy with the coverage they have given us, keeping it informative, relevant and interactive with regular updates across all our social media sites. I would highly recommend Literary Edits.”

Habitable Homes (Social Media Marketing)


“I am very happy to have found Emily to edit my debut novel. She has done a remarkable work to bring my manuscript to its publishable form. I am impressed with her eye for detail and for her understanding of the subject at hand. Mine is a novel based in a different culture, yet she was sensitive to its nuances and her suggestions were in tune with the mood of the book. It’s not easy to find an editor who can gel with your goals for the book. She is polite in her suggestions and her turn-around time is quick. I highly recommend her services and I thank her for her kind words in appreciation of my book. I am grateful and will be working with her on my future books.”

Renuka Guru (Copyediting)


“I contacted Emily at Literary Edits as I am a non native speaker and sometimes struggle with my sentences. She edited my essays to an extremely high standard and I’m impressed with how much time and effort she put into my work. It was more than I expected!”

- Kieron (Copyediting)


“Highly recommended. A very efficient, professional service.”

Andrea Jarman (Copyediting)


“I loved working with Emily. She’s very friendly and exact. I used Copyediting service, and I’m delighted that it was what I hoped for: helpful comments, ideas for making my writing clear, and reasonable price. I recommend Emily to anyone who wants a fast and precise edit.”

- R. G. (Copyediting)


“It’s been great working with Emily. She certainly knows what she is doing and she is incredible at what she does. Look no further if you are looking for an editor who responds in a timely manner and does her best to help you to achieve what you want!”

- J (Copyediting)


“Fantastic service, really quick and great price. Thanks Emily for your help!”

Ailsa Kelly (Proofreading)


“I am [delighted] with the work you did on my novel ‘Waves Break’. It was thorough and professional and brought the book to a stage where it is fit for publication. Your conscientious efforts were beyond what I could reasonably have expected and were much appreciated. I will be returning to you shortly with the next book in the series. I will not hesitate to recommend your work to my literary friends. Thank you.”

Barry Litherland (Proofreading)


“Emily was great – she provided me with some excellent copyediting advice and made some really helpful suggestions when proofreading my academic paper. I will be coming back for another proofread when I publish my book this summer as her prices are so reasonable. She even sped up her service as she knew I needed to submit the paper to a journal ASAP, getting it back to me on a Saturday. What a star – highly recommended!”

Anna Kawalek (Proofreading)


“I’m so glad I reached out to Literary Edits. I appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in for me and think I might now be ready to publish my novel! I especially appreciate the level of detail they went into whilst editing.”

- Alexis Danning (Copyediting)


“The best lady to use for proof reading and edits. Would recommend Emily’s services to aspiring authors.”

- Caitlin Stone (Proofreading)


“Very insightful and constructive feedback which was kindly communicated. It was invaluable to get an external and level headed opinion about my final draft, I am extremely grateful.”

- Lucy Bean (Copyediting)


“I used Literary Edits for my first published short story single and can’t sing my praises loud enough. Emily was not only fast on turn-around time, but she was also able to catch details that others had previously missed. I especially liked her ideas on story development.”

Madeline Slovenz (Copyediting)


“As a mature student, I have found the proof reading services of Literary Edits very useful. I was surprised how many punctuation and spacing errors I had not spotted in my essays. I will be using these services in the future, before submitting my masters dissertation.” – Sandy.

- Sandy (Proofreading)


“I worked with Literary Edits when I was writing my final year dissertation. I found their express proofreading service extremely helpful and will definitely be using them for further work. I highly recommend them!”

Thomas Dinnage (Proofreading)