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Weekly Book Deals – 9th March, 2020

Are you looking for a new book to read? Perhaps you’re wanting to fill your bookshelves, or else get some inspiration for your writing. Either way, you should check out this week’s book deals from Literary Edits. Each week, we recommend a selection of different eBooks based on monthly and weekly book deals. These are either books which we have read (and loved) or books which we think our readers will love! Enjoy the deals!

#1 – Cry of the Fish Eagle by Peter Rimmer

Genre(s): Historical Fiction.

When stationed in Rhodesia, Rupert Pengelly makes a promise to his friend Rigby Savage; if anything happens to Rigby, Rupert will care for his daughter, Sasa. Yet finding Sasa isn’t easy, and even when Rupert tries to leave Africa, the search continues.

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#2 – Don’t Lie to Me by Willow Rose

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

Twelve-year-old Sophie Williams never returns home from summer camp. Three months later, her body is found inside a sleeping bag. The town is outraged, and, as another child disappears, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas plunges into the investigation.

Read it now for only £0.99
(FREE with Kindle Unlimited)

#3 – Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

When Jules Larsen starts a new job as an apartment sitter in one of Manhattan’s most high-profile buildings, she is taken by the splendour of her surroundings. The terms are simple: no visitors and no leaving the apartment. At first, this seems simple, but then people start to disappear.

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#4 – The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Magical Realism.

Vianne Rocher lives a comfortable life. She has Rosette, her ‘special’ child, runs her own chocolate shop, and is a part of the community. Yet when old Narcisse, the florist, dies, the sleepy village is thrown into disarray. A change is coming, and it is sure to affect Vianne.

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#5 – These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Romance.

Corruption has blossomed under the reign of Louis XV, and Lord Justin Alastair, the Duke of Avon, is just one of the men desperate for power. When he is accosted by Leon, a child dressed in rags, he buys Leon… who turns out to be Leonie. He has a plan, and he can’t put it into motion without her.

Read it now for only £0.99

Thank you for reading! These books are based on the prices stated during the writing of this post. Deals change quickly, though, so make sure you take advantage of them soon!

(Please note, we use affiliate links on this site. This means we may make a small profit when you follow the links on this page. It will not affect your purchase in any way.)


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