Weekly Book Deals – 23rd September, 2019

Are you looking for more books to read? Perhaps you’re wanting to fill your bookshelves, or else get some inspiration for your writing. Either way, you should check out this week’s book deals from Literary Edits. Each week, we recommend a selection of different eBooks based on monthly and weekly book deals. These are either books which we have read (and loved), or books which we think our readers will love! Enjoy the deals!

#1 – Duplicity by Sibel Hodge

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

Max and Alissa have a fairtytale life; they are newlywed, madly in love, and enviously rich. Yet all that changes when Max is brutally murdered. The hunt for the killer quickly begins, and yet even as Alissa mourns Max’s death, it becomes apparent that not everyone is who they appear to be.

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#2 – The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary Fiction.

It is 1988, and Frank owns his own music shop. Day after day, he helps his customers find the music they need, regardless of the genre. Then Ilse Brauchmann walks into his life, and everything changes. He is strangely drawn to the mysterious woman with her vinyl-black eyes, yet is she who she claims to be?

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#3 – Now We Shall Be Entirely Free by Andrew Miller

Genre(s): Historical Fiction.

On a rainy night in 1809, Captain John Lacroix is carried unconscious into a house in Somerset. He had been a part of Britain’s disasterous campaign against Napolean’s forces in Spain, but now he is home, he cannot face his memories. He soon heads for the Hebrides, trying to escape a past that will not let him go.

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#4 – The Odyssey by Homer

Genre(s): Classic, Adventure Novel, Mythology.

Following on from the infamous Trojan War, King Odysseus is attempting to return to his home in Ithaca. Yet the wily Odysseus must overcome many obstacles on his journey, and he must best gods, fight cyclopses, and resist the magical song of the sirens before he can be reunited with his wife and son.

Read it now for only £0.75

#5 – The Thief Taker by C. S. Quinn

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Mystery.

When a girl is found brutally murdered in 1665, thief taker Charlie Tuesday reluctantly agrees to take on the case. Yet he quickly realises that this is no isolated death; it is part of a much bigger plan, and so Charlie must race against time as the Black Death obliterates his evidence, street by street.

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Thank you for reading! All of these books are listed under the prices stated during the writing of this post. Deals change quickly, though, so make sure you take advantage of them before they disappear!

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