Weekly Book Deals – 12th August, 2019

Are you looking for more books to read? Perhaps you’re wanting to fill your bookshelves, or else get some inspiration for your writing. Either way, you should check out this week’s book deals from Literary Edits. Each week, we recommend a selection of different eBooks based on monthly and weekly book deals. These are either books which we have read (and loved), or books which we think our readers will love! Enjoy the deals!

#1 – Aftershocks by Marko Kloos

Genre(s): Sci-Fi.

A great war has ripped apart families from the six different planets within the Gaia system. Now the war is over, but the danger remains. Aden, a weary soldier, along with a naval officer, and the vice president of a materials empire, may have survived the war, but now they have new challenges to face.

Read it now for only £0.99

#2 – I Looked Away by Jane Corry

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

Every Monday, Ellie takes care of her grandson Josh. She loves him, and he distracts her from her problems. Her husband had an affair, and although he swears it’s finished, Ellie is still suspicious. Then, one Monday, he gets a call from that woman, and Ellie takes her eyes off of Josh. What happens next will change her life forever.

Read it now for only £0.99

#3 – The Muse by Jessie Burton

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Mystery.

When Odelle Bastien takes up a job as a typist at the Skelton gallery in London, she knows that her life is about to change, but she isn’t expecting to be taken into the confidence of the glamorous Marjorie Quick, who exposes the secret history of a once-lost painting that arrives in the gallery.

Read it now for only £0.99

#4 – The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Genre(s): Romance.

The Golds and their neighbours, the Hartes, have always been inseparable. Chris Harte and Emily Gold have grown up together, and it is no surprise to anyone when their friendship blossoms into something more serious. Yet everything changes when they are caught up in a suicide pact that leaves their families reeling.

Read it now for only £0.99

#5 – Whiteout by Ken Follett

Genre(s): Thriller, Mystery.

As Christmas Eve descends over Scotland, a number of very different people converge at a top medical research facility. They all have something to gain or lose from a drug that has been developed to fight a deadly virus, yet when twelve samples of the virus go missing, they know that someone is working against them.

Read it now for only £0.99

Thank you for reading! All of these books are listed under the prices stated during the writing of this post. Deals change quickly, though, so make sure you take advantage of them before they disappear!

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