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Our Review Policy

Literary Edits provides a free review service for books, short stories, and plays. In this review policy, we have specified some of our preferred reading formats and genres. You can read an overview of our review services here.

We are currently accepting review requests!

What We Can Do For You

If we decide to review your writing, we will share our thoughts on our blog, social media channels, and popular review sites such as Goodreads and Amazon. We may also choose to share pictures and quotes of your work on Twitter and Instagram. 

If you are interested, we may also conduct an author Q&A, where we ask a few questions about your work and inspirations. After we review a piece of writing, we may send a follow-up email asking whether you would be interested in taking part in this additional service.

Formats We Accept

  • Physical books.
  • eBooks (preferably as a PDF or MOBI file).
  • Audiobooks (as an MP3 file or Audible download).

Genres We Accept

  • Literary Fiction.
  • Contemporary Fiction.
  • Mysteries/Thrillers.
  • Gothic/Horror Novels.
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novels.
  • Historical Fiction.
  • Young Adult Novels.

We also review non-fiction books, although we are more likely to review books in the above genres. The only book genre we rarely accept is erotica.

What You Need To Do

If you are interested in our review service, send us an email via our contact page. We would appreciate it if you could include the following information in your message:

  • The title.
  • The author's name.
  • A publishing date.
  • The publisher (if any).
  • A brief synopsis (a blurb will do).

Due to a large number of review requests, we are unable to read and review every piece of work that is sent to us, yet we promise to respond to your email within 24 hours. In the meantime, you can check out some of our reviews on our blog, or view our A-Z list of reviewed titles.