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Editing & Marketing

Literary Edits provides editing and marketing services to writers and businesses. Based in the UK, we work with individuals from all around the world, helping them to reach their writing potential and develop their online presence.

If you are interested in our services, you can get in touch with us by clicking on the button below. We will be very happy to discuss your needs and direct you to a service that best suits you.

What We Do

Our Services

Proofreading & Editing

Our proofreading and editing services have been designed to help you reach your writing potential. Whether you are a writer, a student, or the owner of a business, we will work with you to ensure that your writing is clear, consistent, and free from typing errors.

Our unique editing services will make your writing ready for publication, whether it is a novel, a short story, an essay, or content for a new website. We can help you with:

  • Proofreading.
  • Copyediting.
  • Manuscript Reviews.
Illustrating the proofreading & editing services offered by Literary Edits

Social Media Marketing

The importance of having a strong online presence is increasing every day. Social media can be used to promote your brand, products, or services. If you are an author, it can also be used to generate interest in your books.

We can develop your online presence for you, increasing your following on social media and generating interest in your brand, products, or books. Our services include:

  • Social Media Appraisals.
  • Regular Posting Schedules.
  • Regular Analytics.
  • Graphics & Design.

Additional Author Services

In addition to our editing and marketing services, we also offer a number of bespoke services that are aimed at authors looking to get their books published.

These services have been designed to provide help and support throughout the publishing process, and we hope they can be of use to both authors who are seeking a traditional publishing route, and those who are planning on self-publishing their books. These services include:

  • Blurb Writing.
  • Cover Design.
Picture to illustrate the blurb writing and cover design services offered by Literary Edits.



We regularly publish writing advice, social media tips, book deals, author interviews, and book and short story reviews on our blog. Here is a selection of some of our posts.